Ionique Dietary FiberIonique Daily Fiber is a high fiber, friendly flora supporting, supplement, which provides bulk-forming psyllium seed (50%) and husk (50%) balanced with water-soluble apple pectin, which is added due to its Gl balancing and helpful effect on cholesterol. One of the unique features of the fiber complex is that is balanced with proprietary LB prebiotic to help assure a healthy balance of flora in the Gl system.

Ionique Daily Fiber Facts Panel

A special blend of effective, all-natural, soluable and insoluable fibers with a unique pre-biotic to gently sweep, and support the healthy function of the digestive and elimination systems. Fiber consumption may also help with hunger cravings.

  • A high-potency, comprehensive fiber complex.
  • Special blend of effective, all-natural, soluble and insoluble fibers to cleanse and support the healthy function of the digestive system.
  • Contains LB Pre-biotic, a proprietary ingredient. (LB Pre-biotic stimulates growth of “friendly” bacteria).
  • Containes whole Psyllium Seed (and husk), an excellent source of insoluble fiber.
  • Use daily as an effective fiber supplement
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