SpectraLytes-2ozAthletes and active people need more electrolytes than an average person. They burn electrolytes through activity and they lose them through sweat. Spectra Sports mixes easily with water and provides the electrolytes necessary to keep you hydrated and prevent muscle cramps. These two things can mean the difference between finishing or not, enjoying a race or enduring or between an average time and a personal best.

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Many athletes drink sports drinks because they know that electrolytes are critical to prevent dehydration; however, most sports drinks only contain sodium and potassium, and omit magnesium, which is the major mineral that supports muscle function. Second, most sports drinks are laden with sugar, which can cause stomach distress. Third, sugar-rich sports drinks have been shown to damage tooth enamel. Many of our customers have reported that they used to suffer from night-time leg cramps. By drinking Spectra Sport water throughout the day instead of regular water, our customers report that they are able to prevent many of these cramps.

  • Helps hydrate
  • Light Citrus flavor
  • Maintain energy
  • Prevent muscle cramps due to exertion
  • No sugar or calories
  • Concentrated / economical
  • Easy clean up
  • Versatile
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