Feel better.

Replace what’s missing.

Water. Minerals. Wellness.

Feel better.

Replace what’s missing.

Water. Minerals. Wellness.

Feel better.

Replace what’s missing.

Water. Minerals. Wellness.

The Ionique Mineral System

Ionique Original Mineral system

Ionique Original

Use throughout the day to maintain natural mineral balance. Supports muscle, mental and physical functions.

Ionique Citrus-Sport Mineral system

Ionique Citrus Sport

Naturally balanced electrolytes. Use before, during and after exercise
to support electrolyte replacement.

Ionique Original and Sport Mineral system

Ionique Twin Pack

The very best mineral supplements. Mix & match Ionique Original and Citrus-Sport. Single purchase or subscription available.

The Damage Cycle

The Ionique Solution



Damage Cycle Deficiency

Minerals are essential for every human function, but they have been stripped from the soil & filtered from our water. An apple today is not the same as 50 years ago, and nearly everyone is deficient.

Ionique Duel System Works with Water

Corrects deficiency of magnesium & trace minerals

Damage Cycle Dehydration

Nothing works right if your body is dehydrated. Headaches, constipation & bad skin are common. Healthy cells should be plump and fluids should flow freely.

Ionique Duel System Works with Water

Four electrolytes boost hydration & support an active life

How To Use Ionique

How to use Ionique

In Pure Water

Measure into your water bottle for workouts and throughout the day.

Smoothies & Food

Boost the hydration value & healthy properties of food.

Morning/Evening Routine

Start a nourishing habit by adding to water & your favorite beverages.

Minerals – Nature’s Building Blocks

Ionique neurological


The brain sends messages using electrical impulses. This electricity is created by water + minerals

Ionique muscular


Minerals tells muscles to
contract & release

Ionique physical


Bones, teeth, cells and the body’s elimination systems require minerals.

Common symptoms of deficiency:

brain fog, anxiety, poor sleep.

Common symptoms of deficiency:

muscle cramps & heart problems

Common symptoms of deficiency:

constipation, weak bones, & damage that doesn’t self-repair

Why Ionique

Why Ionique

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